White Wedding Chair Rentals | San Antonio & Boerne

White Wedding Chair Rentals in San Antonio

Looking for white wedding chairs for your wedding?  We carry white wedding chairs for any event.   Chairs are folding and padded for your comfort.  Match the chairs with our folding tables for the wedding reception or party.  We will deliver to San Antonio, Boerne, the hill country, and surrounding areas.   Give us a call to book our white wedding chairs!

We will deliver or deliver and setup the chairs for your convenience.   

  • Rated to hold over 1000 lbs of static weight
  • Metal bracing in each seat prevents breakage from thick underseat rivets
  • Non-marring molded resin feet to protect surfaces
  • Folded Size: 17.5''W x 2.25''D x 35''H

Attractive, comfortable  are the perfect seating solution for indoor or outdoor venues.  These wedding chairs are rated to hold up to 1,000 lbs of static weight with metal bracing in each seat to prevent breakage from thick underseat rivets.  Each padded folding chair features non-marring molded resin feet to protect surfaces.  These high quality white wedding chairs include padded seating surfaces, providing long-lasting comfort making them an excellent choice for caterers, rental chair stock, wedding and event facilities.

The resin folding chair is one of the most popular chair choices for elegant events across the world, having been used for everything from Oscar parties to celebrity weddings. In fact, the resin folding chair continues to be one of the most popular choices for weddings and other elegant parties today. The chair’s simple, elegant design makes it a versatile option for any event, with the ability to style chairs to go with any event décor.  

The Versatility of the White Resin Folding Chair

White wedding chairs can be used to elevate a variety of wedding and event themes. They can blend in perfectly with elegant décor or be made to stand out as the centerpieces that bring loved ones to ceremonies and celebrations of all sizes.

White resin folding chairs are unparalleled in their versatility, bringing unique feel to a diverse set of events, including:

  • Tropical destination weddings, where light and airy décor is paramount.
  • Intimate garden affairs, where guests can find themselves seated comfortably among loved ones surrounded by flowers and vintage string lights.
  • Sleek, clean modern events that call for an understated but stylish look.
  • Outdoor weddings that call for durable materials that can be decorated in any number of ways.
  • Indoor events that demand both style and comfort.

Ways to Style Folding Wedding Chairs

Our white resin folding wedding and event chairs are padded to ensure guest comfort. They are perfect canvases for styling additions, like:

  • Plants, flowers or ivy – Greenery can be tastefully added to add an intimate, earthy feel to the event.
  • Sashes – Tie a beautiful sash in your event colors to the back of the chairs for a beautiful pop of color.
  • Drapes – For extra elegance, adding lovely drapes to the back of your folding wedding chairs adds an elegant, romantic look to your event.
  • Pearl Garland – For a simple, vintage look, adding pearl garland to the backs of these chairs makes a lovely statement. Try a single strand or go with a triple pearl garland. Basic ivory pearls always look great, but other colors can be used as well.
  • Ribbons – Another beautiful idea is to tie ribbons to the tops of the folding chairs, allowing them to flow down towards the floor. It’s a laidback, whimsical way to add something special to these chairs.
  • Rose with Ribbon – Add a romantic twist to your folding chairs for your event by tying a rose to the backs of the chairs with a trailing ribbon. It offers a pretty, delicate look, and the rose and ribbon colors can be customized to go with your décor.
  • Mix and Match Chairs – You don’t have to simply go with one color of chairs. Mixing and matching white, black, mahogany or wood folding chairs can offer a beautiful contrast for a very bold, unique look at your event.  

Why Choose Resin Folding Chairs

Whatever your event style and colors are, you will be able to find a folding wedding chair that meets your needs. White resin folding chairs can offer everything from a refreshing, clean look, to a modern, edgy feel when styled in creative ways. They can also withstand outdoor elements if you are planning a garden affair or can provide the perfect canvas for styling an elegant indoor event.

Whatever color you choose, you can be sure that the folding chairs that you choose for your wedding or other event will support your creative vision.