Wedding Ceremony Seating

When it comes to your wedding, it’s the most special day of your life! Here’s your one chance to wow your guests, and first impressions are everything. What’s the first thing your guests see when they walk into your wedding? It’s your ceremony site!! So, let’s talk about ceremony seating because it can make all the difference in the world.

With so many weddings taking place everyday, it’s typical to see the same types of seating over and over. This can be a bit frustrating when your goal is to make your wedding unique. You want your wedding to stand out from everybody else’s and that’s where we can help you make a difference!!

Your ceremony seating says a lot about your wedding, believe it or not. Thankfully, we offer several different options that can make your wedding super unique and pretty!!

First, we offer vintage lounge furniture that you can rent for your ceremony seating. You can mix and match a variety of vintage sofas and vintage chairs, in all different colors, to complement your wedding colors. Who wouldn’t love to sit on a comfy sofa or chair during a wedding ceremony? We sometimes take it a step further and add vintage end tables for guests to lay their handbags or cell phones on rather having to hold them in their laps the whole time. This is a really unique look and you can even repurpose the furniture by moving it to your wedding reception for guests to sit on there, as well.

Secondly, we offer a variety of wooden seating. We rent antique chairs that we often mix with church pews and antique wooden benches. This creates a more rustic feel and works really well at outdoor weddings, especially at a ranch or in a backyard. We mix and match our antique dining chairs with antique folding chairs and some brides will seat their family on pews at the front of the ceremony site. This makes them feel special as they’re set apart from the guests and your guests will know that the church pews are reserved for the family.

Lastly, we offer simple, crisp, white wedding chairs with white padded seats. These work well indoors or outdoors and create a more traditional feel. You can’t go wrong with these chairs and we like to spruce them up with aisle decor. You can line the aisle with rugs (as opposed to a plain aisle runner), adding pops of color. This gives the bride a runway to walk down as she makes her grand entrance. You can also set out lanterns with candles in them along every other row to add ambience. We rent rugs and lanterns, as well as. Also, we love when brides have their florist create designs using rose petals for the bride to walk on. This adds lots of color and a design element, in addition to our unique seating.

I hope we’ve inspired you to put a little thought into your wedding ceremony seating because it can make a huge difference in giving you a spectacular look on your special day. Please call us with any wedding rental questions.

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